Art is meant to be seen and appreciated!

The Roxy Art Gallery is a community-based art gallery within the Roxy Coffee shop. Local artists, both professional and amateur hang their work for six week intervals, to be viewed by patrons, community members and local artists.  The Roxy Art Gallery is a family-oriented, public, not-for-profit gallery, limited to 2 dimensional works.  The size and number of works is only limited to the wall space provided.

Interested artists and photographers with a body of work to exhibit may contact  Robert Attrell or Stephen Stanley with digital photographs of the work they are interested in showing at the Roxy Gallery, along with a brief artist statement or bio.  Artists must be prepared to frame, hang and take down their own work. Artists may choose to sell their work or to exhibit their work only. Roxy Coffee receives a minimal 10% commission on any art that sells as a result of the showing at the Roxy.

Artists who wish to have an opening or closing reception at the Roxy are asked to organize their event with the assistance of the managers of the Roxy Coffee, and in coordination with the gallery curators, Steve and Robert.
A sample contact is available for viewing.
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